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Pompeiian couple
Domvs de Lavra Callvria et Tarqvinivs Gallicvs
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Contact Information
Old AncientSites Avatar Laura Calluria
Matrona (and webmistress)
Gallia Narbonensis
Salve! What news have you of our community now so cruelly flung far and wide?

Sleeping Ferret
LauraCalluria/Heather of Gaul
Aol/Netscape: HeatherOfGaul
ICQ: LauraCalluria / 70633055
Lycos: LauraCalluria
Fora Mundi Antiquitati
Re-Settlement Resources
Off-Site V1 Settlements
Sleeping Ferret

Member of:
Fora Mundi Antiquitati
Ancient/Classical History
Continental Celts
Pan Historia
All The World's A Stage
AS Refugees
Weaver's Guild

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