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Pompeiian couple
Domvs de Lavra Callvria et Tarqvinivs Gallicvs
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the house
the Atrium Atrium - the oldest part of the house and the area where Tarquinius meets his clients when he's in port
Bibliotheca Bibliotheca - the library which serves as a repository for the scrolls Traquinius brings home and/or has copied for the family collection.  Unlike many ancient Romans, Laura Calluria and Tarquinius actually read the scrolls they amass, as apposed to just collecting them for prestige and snob appeal.
Cubiculium Cubiculum - a guest bedroom where a weary traveler can lay his/her head for the night
Hortus Hortus -  the back garden - a placed of quiet repose, and horticultural curiosity as well as a source of fresh culinary herbs and vegetables for the kitchen.
Peristylium Peristylum - adjoining the atrium, this small open garden area is surrounded by most of the house itself.
Shoppe Shoppe - along the front of the building next to the front door - this is where Tarquinius has some of the more upscale items available for sale retail.  Wholesale transactions are usually processes at the warehouse.
Triclinum Triclinum - the dining room
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