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Gallia Narbonensis


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Salve! My proper Roman name is Laura Calluria, but many of my friends call me Heather.  I am formerly of Lutetia and Pompeii, but since Vesuvius destroyed my homes, I now live in Massalia in the south of Gaul.

You must be tired from your journey!  Come in and rest a bit while the servants bring hearty food and some fine Gallic wine to wash it down with!

Don't let Argos frighten you.  He's big, but all bark.  Isn't he a fine specimen of a Molossian (ancient ancestor of most of today's Mastiff breeds)? 

Actually little Issa is much more likely to draw blood, or so the servants tell me *G*.  But she's such a sweet little Melitta dog (Maltese)! 

Oh, and be careful not to trip over the ferrets or cats!  They do seem to be all over the place *G*

What news have you of our community now so cruelly flung far and wide?

LauraCalluria/Heather of Gaul
Aol/Netscape: HeatherOfGaul
ICQ: LauraCalluria / 70633055
Lycos: LauraCalluria
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