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Pompeiian couple
Domvs de Lavra Callvria et Tarqvinivs Gallicvs
Salve!  and Welcome to the domus (home) of Laura Calluria and Tarquinius Gallicus

My proper Roman name is Laura Calluria, but many of my friends call me Heather.  My husband, Tarquinius Gallicus, and I are formerly of Lutetia and Pompeii, but since Vesuvius (the former AS investors) destroyed our homes,we now live in Massalia in the south of Gaul.

You must be tired from your journey!  Come in and rest a bit while the servants bring hearty food and some fine Gallic wine to wash it down with while we talk over old times, or browse the scrolls in Tarquinius's collection. Or perhaps you would be interested in plants of the Roman world? 

Front of building
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