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Pompeiian couple
Domvs de Lavra Callvria et Tarqvinivs Gallicvs
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the Dogs

the "Cave Canem" (beware of dog) sign beside the front door is no lie for this domus is defended by two dogs - a massive Molossian (ancient ancestor of most of today's Mastiff breeds) and a dainty little Melitta (Maltese). 

Cave Canum (Beware of Dog)
Don't let Argos frighten you.  He's big, but all bark.  Isn't he a fine specimen of a Molossian (ancient ancestor of most of today's Mastiff breeds)? 
Maltese Dog
Actually little Issa is much more likely to draw blood, or so the servants tell me *G*.  But she's such a sweet little Melitta dog (Maltese)! 
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