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Pompeiian couple
Domvs de Lavra Callvria et Tarqvinivs Gallicvs
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the Shoppe
(along the front of the building next to the front door - this is where Tarquinius has some of the more upscale items available for sale retail. 
Wholesale transactions are usually processes at the warehouse.)

Tarquinius & Sons
Shop Tarquinius and  Sons

In addition to our usual fine selection of exotic herbs & spices, Alexandrian Papyrus, Gaulic Wine, and Iberian Olive Oil, we also have the following merchandise:

  • 12 Citrus wood tables from Greece
    • 8 with especially intricate carving
      • 4 with ivory and gemstone inlays
  • A fine selection of jewelry from Egypt,
    • a necklace, bracelet and matching earrings set with the highest grade Lapis
    • a necklace, bracelet and matching earrings set with the finest African Ivory
  • A fine selection of Celtic jewelry from Bribracte
  • Scrolls containing the latest works from Rome, Athens and Alexandria
  • Silk from the far east
  • Linen from Gaul
  • Cotton and Linen from Egypt
New shipment just in
We also have some fine British hounds that just came in this morning. 
They will be available for sale in the morning at the warehouse. 
(although of the finest quality, they are far to large and fierce to bring here) 
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